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    Nature Reviews Physics? published a review by Prof. Xiao Meng
    Author:Juan Zhou  Date:2019-03-28  Clicks:

    On March 1, Nature Reviews Physics published the latest review article by Professor Xiao Meng from the School of Physics and Technology.

    This review article entitled “Topological phases in acoustic and mechanical systems”  is co-written by Professor Ma Guancong from Hong Kong Baptist University, Professor Xiao Meng of Wuhan University and Professor Chen Ziting of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Ma Guancong and Xiao Meng are co-first authors and Ma Guancong, Xiao Meng and Chen Ziting are co-corresponding authors with Wuhan University as one of the co-first institutes.

    Sound and mechanical vibration are omnipresent phenomena. Although researchers have come a long way in studying classic waves, this ancient field has never failed to encounter new discoveries. Back in the 1990s, periodic acoustic systems are found  taking similar features with crystals like forbidden bands and conduction bands. Consequently, these periodic acoustic systems are also collectively referred as phononic crystals[1,2]. The equation of motion of waves in a phononic crystal can be described by Newton mechanics. In recent years, the study of acoustic waves and elastic waves has been reinvigorated by the introduction of topological concepts. The topological property of the acoustic system’s energy band characterizes a global characteristic of all eigenstate on the energy band, and this global characteristic has a stable and subtle influence on localized perturbation. The topological property indicates a significant feature neglected by traditional Newtonian mechanics, which provides a more profound understanding of the acoustic system.

    This article systematically reviewed various topologically related phenomena discussed in acoustic systems in recent years, including geometric phase, two-dimensional Dirac point, quantum Hall effect, quantum spin Hall effect, Floquet topological phase, and various three-dimensional topological phases.

    Besides, Xiao Meng also participated in the research of Chen Ziting’s group on the topological properties of angular momentum. Recently, relevant research findings were also published in Nature Communications, titled “Experimental demonstration of angular momentum-dependent topological transport using a transmission line network” Xiao Meng and Ph.D. Jiang Tianshu from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are co-first authors and Chen Ziting is the corresponding author.

    It is reported that Xiao Meng graduated from the 2006 Physics Base Class of Wuhan University, then got his Ph.D. degree in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In 2018, he was selected as member of the 14th National Youth Thousand Talents Program. Returning to school in 2018, this review article is the first important scientific academic achievement he published as the first author since he began working in WHU.

    (Rewritten by Xu Xiaoming, edited by Zhang Shiqi, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia)


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